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Weight Loss, Hypnosis and Paul McKenna

By Anita Hale

Over the last twenty years hypnotist Paul McKenna has authored self help books, and created DVDs and CDs which have been very helpful to thousands of people in defeating their anxiety and increasing their wellbeing.

That being said exactly what is it about Paul McKenna's approach that makes him so popular? The theme that works through much of his programs is that little changes will be able to give large results. This theory applies regardless of whether you are hoping to overcome a phobia, stop smoking or simply just lose weight

This is actually a continual principle that features throughout his "I Can" brands that include I Can Make You Confident, I Can Make You Sleep and I Can Make You Rich. In particular in the bestselling weight loss system by Paul McKenna, I Can Make You Thin, the precise practices are brief and direct.

In the book, I Can Make You Thin, McKenna is emphatic in regards to the fact that it really isn't a diet, but a weight loss system. This system is centred on the concept that people are overweight simply because they eat depending on their emotional state in place of their hunger. For example, an overweight person could quite possibly over indulge on account that they feel worn-out or down in the dumps or distressed.

Accordingly, Paul McKenna preaches the need to be sensitive to your body and confirm if you're hungry. No food is against the rules and you should eat what you feel like. But the golden rule is to only eat if your body is instructing you it is hungry. This means you must monitor the reasons why you want to eat and avoid eating just because you are bored, tired or driven by some other emotion. The other vital point should be to stop eating from the moment you feel satisfied. The book explains these particular points in a clear fashion that makes them easy enough to remember. Paul also applies hypnosis to help with these behavioural changes. This is because he is adamant that everyone must have a certain amount of help with their troubles. He proposes that relying solely on willpower is unworkable in the long run.

And so in the case of I Can Make You Thin, McKenna has produced a supplementary audio CD to coach the individual in techniques on how to control their desire for food.

The methods McKenna has introduced for weight loss and beyond have helped to bring about measurable and lasting change for millions of people who have tried them.

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