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Guidelines On How To Perform Workouts Without Weights

By Casper Haastrup

Most people wonder how one can do workouts without weights and yet build sufficient strength and muscle. There are those who may want a change in routine or may not be able to afford a gym session but still want to get some exercise, one can achieve this by doing some plyometric and body weight exercises. If you are organized, you will find that the regime is quite rewarding.

For there to be any muscle growth, there has to be an overloading agent. This is essentially stress that your muscles have not encountered before. You need to remember that this stress does not need to come from metal discs, it can come from momentum, gravity or instability of your body. Athletes such as gymnasts are very strong and yet they do not spend time in the gym lifting weights.

If you incorporate these principles into your work out regime, you will find that you will build muscle and strength after a consistent exercise schedule. A good way to begin exercises for the lower body is doing jump squats.

Jump squats are done by first getting down on a squat position. From this point, jump up as high as you possibly can and then when you land hold a position halfway down into the squat for about two seconds before completing the squat. Do three sets of eight or ten repetitions depending on your endurance. This exercise should be done on alternate days of the week to avoid injury.

Another important lower body exercise is the half to full stationary lunge. Begin the exercise by getting into a typical lunge position, begin the movement up till you are halfway done with the lunge and then start reversing the movement. Once this is done, proceed to do the lunge to completion and proceed in this alternating manner for about two sets of fifteen repetitions.

Upper body exercise are also just as effective without the use of metal discs. A popular upper body exercise is the push up. You can make them more rigorous by taking longer to lower your body and then lifting yourself quicker than you went down. Do this for three sets of fifteen repetitions on each set.

Pull ups are also a good upper body exercise. You can do the close grip pull ups for the biceps and the wide grip for the laterals. Find a pole high enough for you to do them comfortably and then begin lifting yourself from the ground. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions each. These simple guidelines should make workouts without weights quite manageable.

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